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Adjacent Cruise

- a merge of different musical styles and cultures

Shannon Richardson

// vocal, guitars, writer


Grew up in the outskirts of Chicago, and started singing at the ripe age of 5, Shannon found his passion in music and songwriting. Having led several bands in his younger years, Shannon started a new group Adjacent Cruise to perform and collaborate with different musicians of all backgrounds and styles.

Yuen Yee

// vocal, keys, winds


Born and raised in Hong Kong as a classical musician, Yuen Yee has chosen Chicago as her new home and developed a love for music teaching and performing. Yuen Yee has brought a substantial amount of classical elements into the group whilst expanding her musical styles.

Occasional musicians

// bass, drums, guitar


While Adjacent Cruise performs mainly as a duo, the group also appears as a trio and full band from time to time, at local music venues as well as festivals and concert series around town.


// musicians, artists


Adjacent Cruise aims to collaborate with other musicians and artists. The group has performed numerous collaboration events throughout the years.

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