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Upcoming Shows

FEB  28  TUE  |  The Colvin House  |  5940 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago
MAR 25  SAT  |  Scratch on Lake  |  733 Lake St, Oak Park IL
APR  22  SAT  |  Concerts at Unity  |  1212 W Balmoral Ave, Chicago
MAY  11  THU  |  Epiphany Center for the Arts  |  201 S Ashland Ave, Chi

Most recent shows (2021-2022)

Scratch on Lake (10/8/2022; 8/6/2022; 5/7/2022; 12/18/2021, 11/20/2021)
Chop Shop Patio (every other Monday - June to Septembe
r 2022)
Northman Riverwalk (9/2/2022; 8/12/2022; 8/10/2021)
Colvin House Courtyard (8/23/2022)
Moods + Foods Performance Series (8/4/2022; 8/5/2021)
Montrose Saloon (7/31/2022; 7/3/2022; 2/6/2022;
8/23/2021; 5/21/2021)
Urban Brew Labs (7/24/2022)
Uncommon Ground Chicago (7/16/2022;
11/12/2021; 7/23/2021)
Bucktown Garden Walk (7/9/2022; 7/17/2021)
North Center Garden Walk (6/26/2022;
Buena Park Porchfest (6/12/2022)
Lakeview Porchfest (6/5/2022)
My Buddy's (5/13/2022;
12/17/2021; 10/16/2021)
Buffalo Creek's Brewing (4/16/2022)
Whiskey Tasting Festivals (1/29/2022; 9/1/2021)
Pinstripes IL (12/9/2021;
11/4/2021; 10/28/2021)
Famous Fido Animal Rescue (12/4/2021; 11/24/2021)
Chicago Ray Records (11/27/2021)
Save More Lounge (9/17/2021)
Golden Dagger (8/29/2021)

North Center Summer Concerts (7/28/2021)
Southport Art Fest by Star Events (7/10/2021)

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Previously performed at

Adjacent Cruise has performed at various local music venues including Martyrs', Uncommon Ground, Golden Dagger, Montrose Saloon, Elbo Room, Friendly Tap, Scratch on Lake, Fitz's Spare Keys, Eastgate Cafe, Alibi Bar and Grill, Gallery Cafe, etc.

For Festivals, Concert Series and Fundraising events, Adjacent Cruise previously participated in What's Blooming on Harrison Festivals (Oak Park Arts District), Andersonville Arts Week (Andersonveille Chamber), ChillFest (Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber), Moods+Foods Concert Series (Northwest Arts Connection), Garden Gallery (Northwest Arts Connection), Northcenter Garden Walk (Norhtcenter Neighborhood Association), YesFest  at Elmhurst Art Museum, Low-Line Market (Lakeview Chamber), Southport Sidewalk Showcase (Lakeview Chamber), A City Divided Fundraiser (Echoes of Chicago), Famous Fido Animal Rescue Fundraisers, Activate-Chi Concert Series (DCASE), etc. as well as various artists receptions at local art galleries, block parties and private events.

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